Commit 3ffdf634 authored by Alexander Sack's avatar Alexander Sack Committed by Kubernetes Prow Robot

Use sudo(8) to create directory and hosted file (#14136)

*minikube ssh* logs into the cluster as user 'docker'. The user 'docker' (uid=1000) does not have write permissions in /mnt to create a new directory and/or the example's HTML file. Use sudo(8) to create the directory as well as the HTML file nginx will ultimately serve.
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......@@ -41,11 +41,11 @@ shell to your Node by entering `minikube ssh`.
In your shell, create a `/mnt/data` directory:
mkdir /mnt/data
sudo mkdir /mnt/data
In the `/mnt/data` directory, create an `index.html` file:
echo 'Hello from Kubernetes storage' > /mnt/data/index.html
sudo sh -c "echo 'Hello from Kubernetes storage' > /mnt/data/index.html"
## Create a PersistentVolume
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