Commit 2458d367 authored by Supriya Sirbi's avatar Supriya Sirbi Committed by Kubernetes Prow Robot

Issue #14012 - Update (#14174)

parent feb4dd57
......@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ $ kubectl expose deployment source-ip-app --name=nodeport --port=80 --target-por
service/nodeport exposed
$ NODEPORT=$(kubectl get -o jsonpath="{.spec.ports[0].nodePort}" services nodeport)
$ NODES=$(kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{ $.items[*].status.addresses[?(@.type=="ExternalIP")].address }')
$ NODES=$(kubectl get nodes -o jsonpath='{ $.items[*].status.addresses[?(@.type=="IPAddress")].address }')
If you're running on a cloudprovider, you may need to open up a firewall-rule
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