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This project builds by JDK 17 and OpenJ9 for JVM.

Java libraries for using OpenAI's GPT-3 api.

We forked this API from:

The major reason we rebuild this API was OpenAI-JAVA include lombok, we think it is better build this in plain java code.



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电子邮件(Email) [email protected]
QQ 或微信(WeChat) 103899765
QQ 交流群 15186112
社区论坛 (Community)




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Deprecated OpenAI API Endpoint

APIs are deprecated, and will stop working on December 3rd, 2022.

OpenAI has deprecated all Engine-based APIs.

See Deprecated Endpoints below for more info.

How To Use

Includes the following artifacts:

  • api : request/response POJOs for the GPT-3 engine, completion, and search APIs.
  • client : a basic retrofit client for the GPT-3 endpoints, includes the api module

as well as an example project using the client.


Importing into a gradle project

implementation 'com.theokanning.openai-gpt3-java:api:<version>'
implementation 'com.theokanning.openai-gpt3-java:client:<version>'

Using OpenAiService

If you're looking for the fastest solution, import the client and use OpenAiService.

OpenAiService service = new OpenAiService("your_token");
CompletionRequest completionRequest = CompletionRequest.builder()
        .prompt("Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me")

Using OpenAiApi Retrofit client

If you're using retrofit, you can import the client module and use the OpenAiApi.
You'll have to add your auth token as a header ( see AuthenticationInterceptor) and set your converter factory to use snake case and only include non-null fields.

Using data classes only

If you want to make your own client, just import the POJOs from the api module.
Your client will need to use snake case to work with the OpenAI API.

Running the example project

There is an example project with a OpenAiApiExample file contain main function to run.

Also, you can run all tests by JUnit too.

OpenAI-J 如何进行测试

Deprecated Endpoints

OpenAI has deprecated engine-based endpoints in favor of model-based endpoints. For example, instead of using v1/engines/{engine_id}/completions, switch to v1/completions and specify the model in the CompletionRequest. The code includes upgrade instructions for all deprecated endpoints.

I won't remove the old endpoints from this library until OpenAI shuts them down.


Supported APIs

Deprecated by OpenAI


OpenAI-J is licensed under the MIT License