1. 26 May, 2020 5 commits
  2. 21 May, 2020 16 commits
  3. 20 May, 2020 19 commits
    • Kara Erickson's avatar
      docs: release notes for the v${releaseVersion} release · 6ca3fb19
      Kara Erickson authored
      This commit contains the release notes for the
      9.1.9 release. They were copy-pasted from the
      CHANGELOG on the 9.1.x (patch) branch.
    • Andrew Scott's avatar
      docs: update docs for microbenchmarks (#37140) · 267f8448
      Andrew Scott authored
      Update docs in the micro benchmarks to include:
      * How to run with no turbo inlining
      * Where to find the profiles in the DevTools
      * Best way to debug benchmarks (using the profile_in_browser rather than --inspect-brk)
      PR Close #37140
    • Joey Perrott's avatar
      build: complete removal of bazel format yarn commands (#37148) · 59e7203a
      Joey Perrott authored
      Remove bazel yarn format deprecation message to complete the removal of
      formatting bazel related files via yarn command command.
      PR Close #37148
    • Joey Perrott's avatar
      feat(dev-infra): create logging utils with support for defined logging levels (#37192) · 7db177d1
      Joey Perrott authored
      Creates common logging functions at different levels. Allows for providing
      logging statements which are actually printed to the console based on the
      LOG_LEVEL environment variable.
      PR Close #37192
    • Andrew Kushnir's avatar
      fix(dev-infra): ignore `dev-infra` scope while checking for features in patch branch (#37210) · 3f4232a2
      Andrew Kushnir authored
      This commit updates the script that checks master and patch branches to ignore features with `dev-infra` scope
       while verifying that there are no feature commits in patch branch. It's ok and in fact desirable for dev-infra features to be on the patch branch.
      PR Close #37210
    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      ci: testing folders in compiler-cli should not require `fw-testing`approval (#37220) · 2a634648
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      The `fw-testing` PullApprove group is really designed to
      capture the top level public testing API groups in packages
      like `common` and `router`.
      The compiler-cli also has some folders that contain the path
      segment `testing` but these should not require `fw-testing`
      PullApprove approval.
      This commit excludes the whole of `compiler-cli` package from
      the `fw-testing` group.
      PR Close #37220
    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      fix(ngcc): identifier ModuleWithProviders functions in IIFE wrapped classes (#37206) · 97e13991
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      In ES2015 IIFE wrapped classes, the identifier that would reference the class
      of the NgModule may be an alias variable. Previously the `Esm2015ReflectionHost`
      was not able to match this alias to the original class declaration. This resulted
      in failing to identify some `ModuleWithProviders` functions in such case.
      These IIFE wrapped classes were introduced in TypeScript 3.9, which is why
      this issue is only recently appearing. Since 9.1.x does not support TS 3.9
      there is no reason to backport this commit to that branch.
      Fixes #37189
      PR Close #37206
    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      refactor(compiler-cli): expose the `walkForDeclaration()` function (#37206) · d42a9123
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      This test helper can be useful when searching for nodes within an IIFE.
      Exporting it here is helpful in ngcc reflection tests.
      PR Close #37206
    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      test(ngcc): give adjacent class identifier a distinct name (#37206) · 03fef736
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      To better check that the code is working, this commit gives a
      distinct name (`DecoratedWrappedClass_1`) to the "adjacent"
      class declaration in the tests.
      PR Close #37206
    • Kara Erickson's avatar
      docs(changelog): fix broken link in CHANGELOG · 78b8d0e1
      Kara Erickson authored
      When pasting over the 9.1.8 release notes,
      the link for 10.0.0-next.9 was accidentally
      cut off. This commit fixes the broken link for
      10.0.0-next.9 in the CHANGELOG.
    • Kara Erickson's avatar
      docs: release notes for the v9.1.8 release · aedac714
      Kara Erickson authored
      This commit contains the release notes for
      9.1.8, which were copy-pasted from the
      9.1.x (patch) branch's CHANGELOG.
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      fix(elements): do not break when the constructor of an Angular Element is not called (#36114) · 89b44d19
      George Kalpakas authored
      Previously, the correct behavior of Angular custom elements relied on
      the constructor being called (and thus the `injector` property being
      initialized). However, some polyfills (e.g. `document-register-element`)
      do not call the constructor of custom elements, which resulted in the
      `injector` property being undefined and the `NgElementStrategy` failing
      to be instantiated.
      This commit fixes it by being tolerant to the `injector` property being
      undefined and falling back to the injector passed to the
      `createCustomElement()` config.
      We don't have proper tests exercising the situation where the
      constructor is not called. For now this is tested using a Google
      internal test suite (which is how this issue was caught).
      This commit also adds a rudimentary unit test to emulate this situation.
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      fix(elements): capture input properties set before upgrading the element (#36114) · 2fc5ae56
      George Kalpakas authored
      Previously, if an element started out as a regular `HTMLElement` (not a
      Custom Element) and was later upgraded to a Custom Element, any
      properties corresponding to component inputs that were set on the
      element before upgrading it would not be captured correctly and thus not
      reflected on the instantiated component.
      This commit fixes it by ensuring that such properties are captured
      Jira issue: [FW-2006](https://angular-team.atlassian.net/browse/FW-2006)
      Fixes #30848
      Closes #31416
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      test(elements): clean up `TestStrategy` between tests (#36114) · cb719ee1
      George Kalpakas authored
      Previously, the `TestStrategy` `NgElementStrategy` used in
      `createCustomElement()` tests was created once and re-used in each test
      (due to complications related to how `customElements.register()` works).
      As a result, the `TestStrategy` instance's state (e.g. inputs) could be
      polluted from previous tests and affect subsequent ones.
      This commit ensures the strategy instance is reset before each test.
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      test(elements): only declare helpers if needed (#36114) · ed46d9eb
      George Kalpakas authored
      Previously, helper modules/components classes were declared even if the
      tests were not run (because the environment did not support Custom
      Elements for example).
      This commit moves the declaration of the helpers inside the `describe()`
      block, so they are not declared unnecessarily. This is in preparation of
      adding more helpers that need to access variables declared inside the
      `describe()` block.
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      refactor(elements): remove unused imports and properties (#36114) · 1380c564
      George Kalpakas authored
      - Remove imports that are not used.
      - Remove private class properties that are not used outside of the
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      refactor(elements): simplify accessing `NgElementStrategy` (#36114) · e3d44722
      George Kalpakas authored
      Previously, we had to check whether `NgElementStrategy` had been
      instantiated before accessing it. This was tedious and error prone,
      since it was easy to forget to add the check in new call sites.
      This commit switches to using a getter, so that the check has to be
      performed in one place and is transparent to call sites (including any
      future ones).
      PR Close #36114
    • George Kalpakas's avatar
      fix(elements): correctly handle getting/setting properties before connecting the element (#36114) · 327980bf
      George Kalpakas authored
      `createCustomElements()` creates some getters/setters for properties
      corresponding to component inputs that delegate to the
      `NgElementStrategy`. However, it is not guaranteed that the element's
      `NgElementStrategy` will have been created when these getters/setters
      are called, because some polyfills (e.g. `document-register-element`) do
      not call the constructor.
      Previously, trying to get/set input properties before connecting the
      element to the DOM (via `connectedCallback()`) would fail due to
      `NgElementStrategy` not being created.
      This commit ensures that the `NgElementStrategy` is always created
      before used inside the input property getters/setters (similar to how it
      is done for other methods of `NgElement`).
      Mentioned in https://github.com/angular/angular/pull/31416/files#r300326698.
      PR Close #36114
    • Igor Minar's avatar
      docs(dev-infra): update .circleci/README.md (#37212) · 4c30aa83
      Igor Minar authored
      The info about the pw storage is out of date.
      We should really just point the reader to a go link, something like go/angular/passwords and keep
      the info about secrets there.
      PR Close #37212