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release: cut the v10.0.0-rc.0 release

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<a name="10.0.0-rc.0"></a>
# [10.0.0-rc.0]( (2020-05-21)
### Bug Fixes
* **core:** disable tsickle pass when producing APF packages ([#37221]( ([a1001f2](
* **elements:** capture input properties set before upgrading the element ([#36114]( ([2fc5ae5](, closes [#30848]( [#31416](
* **elements:** correctly handle getting/setting properties before connecting the element ([#36114]( ([327980b](, closes [/](
* **elements:** do not break when the constructor of an Angular Element is not called ([#36114]( ([89b44d1](
* **ngcc:** identifier ModuleWithProviders functions in IIFE wrapped classes ([#37206]( ([97e1399](, closes [#37189](
* **core:** Angular npm packages no longer contain jsdoc comments
to support Closure Compiler's advanced optimizations
The support for Closure Compiler in Angular packages has been
experimental and broken for quite some time.
As of TS3.9, Closure is unusable with the JavaScript emit. Please follow for more
information and updates.
If you used Closure Compiler with Angular in the past, you will likely
be better off consuming Angular packages built from sources directly
rather than consuming the version we publish on npm,
which is primarily optimized for Webpack/Rollup + Terser build pipeline.
As a temporary workaround, you might consider using your current build
pipeline with Closure flag `--compilation_level=SIMPLE`. This flag
will ensure that your build pipeline produces buildable and
runnable artifacts, at the cost of increased payload size due to
advanced optimizations being disabled.
If you were affected by this change, please help us understand your
needs by leaving a comment on
<a name="9.1.9"></a>
## [9.1.9]( (2020-05-20)
"name": "angular-srcs",
"version": "10.0.0-next.9",
"version": "10.0.0-rc.0",
"private": true,
"description": "Angular - a web framework for modern web apps",
"homepage": "",
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