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<a name="10.0.0-next.6"></a>
# [10.0.0-next.6]( (2020-05-07)
### Bug Fixes
* **bazel:** ng_package rule should update "package.json" of ts_library targets ([#36944]( ([d5293d2](
* **compiler:** remove outdated and invalid warning for unresolved DI parameters ([#36985]( ([d0280a0](
* **compiler:** switch to 'referencedFiles' for shim generation ([#36211]( ([4213e8d](
* **compiler-cli:** `isCaseSensitive()` returns correct value ([#36859]( ([fc4741f](
* **compiler-cli:** don't try to tag non-ts files as shims ([#36987]( ([42d1091](
* **compiler-cli:** ensure `getRootDirs()` handles case-sensitivity ([#36859]( ([3f3e9b7](
* **compiler-cli:** ensure `MockFileSystem` handles case-sensitivity ([#36859]( ([26eacd4](
* **compiler-cli:** ensure LogicalFileSystem handles case-sensitivity ([#36859]( ([53a8459](
* **compiler-cli:** fix bug tracking indirect NgModule dependencies ([#36211]( ([bab90a7](
* **compiler-cli:** fix case-sensitivity issues in NgtscCompilerHost ([#36859]( ([0ec0ff3](
* **compiler-cli:** normalize mock Windows file paths correctly ([#36859]( ([b682bd1](
* **compiler-cli:** use CompilerHost to ensure canonical file paths ([#36859]( ([a10c126](
* **core:** handle pluralize functions that expect a number ([#36901]( ([2ff4b35](, closes [#36888](
* **core:** properly get root nodes from embedded views with <ng-content> ([#36051]( ([e30e132](, closes [#35967](
* **forms:** handle numeric values properly in the validator ([#36157]( ([88a235d](, closes [#35591](
* **forms:** number input fires valueChanges twice ([#36087]( ([97d6d90](, closes [#12540](
* **localize:** ensure `getLocation()` works ([#36853]( ([70b25a3](
* **ngcc:** support ModuleWithProviders functions that delegate ([#36948]( ([fafa50d](, closes [#36892](
### Features
* **bazel:** simplify ng_package by dropping esm5 and fesm5 ([#36944]( ([9dbb30f](
* **compiler-cli:** report error if undecorated class with Angular features is discovered ([#36921]( ([4c92cf4](
* **core:** undecorated-classes-with-decorated-fields migration should handle classes with lifecycle hooks ([#36921]( ([c6ecdc9](
* **ngcc:** support for new APF where `module` points to esm2015 output ([#36944]( ([c98a4d6](
* **language-service:** [ivy] Parse Angular compiler options ([#36922]( ([dbd0f8e](
* remove TypeScript 3.6 and 3.7 support ([#36329]( ([fbd281c](
### Performance Improvements
* **compiler-cli:** perform template type-checking incrementally ([#36211]( ([ecffc35](
* **compiler-cli:** split Ivy template type-checking into multiple files ([#36211]( ([b861e9c](
* TypeScript versions 3.6 and 3.7 are no longer supported, please update to TypeScript 3.8
* **forms:** Number inputs no longer listen to the `change` event.
Tests which trigger `change` events need to be updated to trigger `input` events instead.
The `change` event was in place to support IE9, as we found that `input` events were not fired with backspace or cut actions. If you need to maintain IE9 support, you will need to add a change event listener to number inputs and call the `onChange` method of `NumberValueAccessor` manually.
Lastly, old versions of WebDriver would synthetically trigger the `change` event on `WebElement.clear` and `WebElement.sendKeys`. If you are using an old version of WebDriver, you may need to update tests to ensure `input` events are triggered. For example, you could use `element.sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL, "a"), Keys.BACK_SPACE);` in place of `element.clear()`.
* **forms:** The `minLength` and `maxLength` validators now verify that the form control's value has a
numeric `length` property, and only validate for length if that's the case.
Previously, falsey values without the length property (such as `0` or
`false` values) were triggering validation errors. If your code relies on
the old behavior, you can include other validators such as [min][1] or
[requiredTrue][2] to the list of validators for a particular field.
* **bazel:** esm5 and fesm5 format is no longer distributed in
Angular's npm packages e.g. @angular/core
If you are not using Angular CLI to build your application or library,
and you need to be able to build es5 artifacts, then you will need to
downlevel the distributed Angular code to es5 on your own.
Angular CLI will automatically downlevel the code to es5 if differential
loading is enabled in the Angular project, so no action is required from
Angular CLI users.
<a name="9.1.5"></a>
## [9.1.5]( (2020-05-07)
"name": "angular-srcs",
"version": "10.0.0-next.5",
"version": "10.0.0-next.6",
"private": true,
"description": "Angular - a web framework for modern web apps",
"homepage": "",
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