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release: cut the v10.0.0-next.5 release

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<a name="10.0.0-next.5"></a>
# [10.0.0-next.5]( (2020-05-04)
### Bug Fixes
* **core:** log error instead of warning for unknown properties and elements ([#36399]( ([9d9d46f](, closes [#35699](
* **core:** Refresh transplanted views at insertion point only ([#35968]( ([1786586](, closes [#35400]( [#21324](
* **ngcc:** do not run in parallel mode if there are less than 3 CPU cores ([#36626]( ([4c63241](
* **ngcc:** give up re-spawning crashed worker process after 3 attempts ([#36626]( ([793cb32](
* **ngcc:** handle `ENOMEM` errors in worker processes ([#36626]( ([4779c4b](
* **ngcc:** provide a unique exit code for timeouts ([#36838]( ([d805526](
* **ngcc:** support recovering when a worker process crashes ([#36626]( ([966598c](, closes [#36278](
* **ngcc:** support TS 3.9 wrapped ES2015 classes ([#36884]( ([db4c59d](
* **router:** cancel navigation when at least one resolver completes with no "next" emission ([#24621]( ([d9c4840](, closes [#24195](
### Code Refactoring
* **common:** remove WrappedValue from AsyncPipe ([#36633]( ([49be32c](, closes [#29927](
### Features
* **localize:** support merging multiple translation files ([#36792]( ([72f534f](
* **ngcc:** allow async locking timeouts to be configured ([#36838]( ([38f805c](
* **ngcc:** support marking an in-progress task as unprocessed ([#36626]( ([4665c35](
* **ngcc:** support reverting a file written by `FileWriter` ([#36626]( ([772ccf0](
* **service-worker:** include `CacheQueryOptions` options in ngsw-config ([#34663]( ([dc9f4b9](, closes [#28443](
* **service-worker:** use `ignoreVary: true` when retrieving responses from cache ([#34663]( ([ee35e22](, closes [#36638](
### Performance Improvements
* **ngcc:** only compute basePaths in TargetedEntryPointFinder when needed ([#36881]( ([ec6b9cc](, closes [#36874](
* **ngcc:** speed up the `getBasePaths()` computation ([#36881]( ([e037840](
* **core:** Warnings about unknown elements are now logged as errors. This won't break your app, but it may trip up tools that expect nothing to be logged via `console.error`.
* **router:** Any resolver which return EMPTY will cancel navigation.
If you want to allow the navigation to continue, you will need to update the resolvers to emit
some value, (i.e. defaultIfEmpty(...), of(...), etc).
* **service-worker:** Previously, [Vary](
headers would be taken into account when retrieving resources from the
cache, completely preventing the retrieval of cached assets (due to
ServiceWorker implementation details) and leading to unpredictable
behavior due to inconsistent/buggy implementations in different
Now, `Vary` headers are ignored when retrieving resources from the
ServiceWorker caches, which can result in resources being retrieved even
when their headers are different. If your application needs to
differentiate its responses based on request headers, please make sure
the Angular ServiceWorker is [configured](
to avoid caching the affected resources.
* **common:** This change could result in ExpressionChangedAfterItHasBeenChecked errors that
were not detected before. The error could previously have gone undetected
because two WrappedValues are considered "equal" in all cases for the purposes
of the check, even if their respective unwrapped values are not.
Additionally, `[val]=(observable | async).someProperty` will no longer
trigger change detection if the value of `someProperty` is identical to
the value in the previous emit. If you need to force change detection,
either update the binding to use an object whose reference changes or
subscribe to the observable and call markForCheck as needed.
<a name="10.0.0-next.4"></a>
# [10.0.0-next.4]( (2020-04-29)
"name": "angular-srcs",
"version": "10.0.0-next.4",
"version": "10.0.0-next.5",
"private": true,
"description": "Angular - a web framework for modern web apps",
"homepage": "",
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