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    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      build(docs-infra): display github links in CLI API docs (#26515) · 4c0ad523
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      This commit includes the following changes:
      * CLI version information is read from the CLI package from which
        we read the help files.
      * CLI API pages now contain GH links
      * line numbers are not shown in GH links, if the doc does not
        have a truthy `startingLine` value. This allows us to remove
        hard coded checks for `guide` pages
      * content pages and CLI api docs no longer have a `startingLine`
      * the hard-coded `packages` path segment has been removed from
        the templates; instead we now only use the `realProjectRelativePath`.
      * the `realProjectRelativePath` has been updated accordingly for API
        and CLI API docs.
      PR Close #26515
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    • Pete Bacon Darwin's avatar
      build(aio): big move of docs related files (#14361) · 600402d4
      Pete Bacon Darwin authored
      All the docs related files (docs-app, doc-gen, content, etc)
      are now to be found inside the `/aio` folder.
      The related gulp tasks have been moved from the top level
      gulp file to a new one inside the `/aio` folder.
      The structure of the `/aio` folder now looks like:
        build/         # gulp tasks
        content/       #MARKDOWN FILES for devguides, cheatsheet, etc
        transforms/    #dgeni packages, templates, etc
          content/    #HTML + JSON build artifacts produced by dgeni from /aio/content.
                      #This dir is .gitignored-ed
        e2e/           #protractor tests for the doc viewer app
        node_modules/ #dependencies for both the doc viewer builds and the dgeni stuff
                      #This dir is .gitignored-ed
        gulpfile.js   #Tasks for generating docs and building & deploying the doc viewer
      Closes #14361
  11. 27 Jan, 2017 1 commit