Commit e732a172 authored by Zhicheng WANG's avatar Zhicheng WANG

docs: HttpClient should be HttpClientModule

parent 8146f091
......@@ -113,7 +113,7 @@ Add the `HttpClientInMemoryWebApiModule` to the `@NgModule.imports` array—
_after importing the `HttpClientModule`_,
—while configuring it with the `InMemoryDataService`.
`HttpClientInMemoryWebApiModule` 添加到 `@NgModule.imports` 数组中(放在 `HttpClient` 之后),
`HttpClientInMemoryWebApiModule` 添加到 `@NgModule.imports` 数组中(放在 `HttpClientModule` 之后),
然后使用 `InMemoryDataService` 来配置它。
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