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fix: 修改菜单

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......@@ -487,23 +487,23 @@
"title": "Angular Libraries",
"tooltip": "Extending Angular with shared libraries.",
"title": "Angular 库开发",
"tooltip": "使用共享库扩展 Angular",
"children": [
"url": "guide/libraries",
"title": "Libraries Overview",
"tooltip": "Understand how and when to use or create libraries."
"title": "库概览",
"tooltip": "理解何时以及如何使用和创建库。"
"url": "guide/using-libraries",
"title": "Using Published Libraries",
"tooltip": "Integrate published libraries into an app."
"title": "使用已发布的库",
"tooltip": "把已发布的库集成进你的应用中。"
"url": "guide/creating-libraries",
"title": "Creating Libraries",
"tooltip": "Extend Angular by creating, publishing, and using your own libraries."
"title": "创建库",
"tooltip": "通过创建、发布和使用你自己的库来扩展 Angular"
......@@ -526,8 +526,8 @@
"url": "guide/workspace-config",
"title": "Workspace Configuration",
"tooltip": "The \"angular.json\" file contains workspace and project configuration defaults for Angular CLI commands."
"title": "工作区配置",
"tooltip": "\"angular.json\" 包含供 CLI 命令使用的工作区和项目默认配置。"
"url": "guide/npm-packages",
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