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docs: fix typo

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......@@ -607,7 +607,7 @@ it remains responsible for updating its own list of heroes.
The component's `delete()` method immediately removes the _hero-to-delete_ from that list,
anticipating that the `HeroService` will succeed on the server.
虽然这个组件把删除英雄的逻辑委托给了 `HeroService`,但保留了更新它自己的英雄列表的职责。
虽然这个组件把删除英雄的逻辑委托给了 `HeroService`,但保留了更新它自己的英雄列表的职责。
组件的 `delete()` 方法会在 `HeroService` 对服务器的操作成功之前,先从列表中移除*要删除的英雄*
There's really nothing for the component to do with the `Observable` returned by
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